The Floor Money Challenge, Inaugural Season 2012-2013 Results

A year ago yesterday I challenged staff member Dave (aka The Boy Wonder) that in exactly one year he couldn’t find £36.00 worth of cash on the floor (also including down the side of sofas/in the change receptacle of vending machines/etc., but not including other people’s pockets). Today is the day, the 2012-2013 season of Dave’s Floor Money Finding Challenge is over. Has he succeeded?

Dave’s response, via email:

Bugger, £32.81 :’(

He didn’t quite make it, so the trophy is mine, a trophy which consists of nothing more than a very slight feeling of accomplishment. Dave needs to regroup quickly though, as the 2013-2014 season starts tomorrow. The target is the same – £36.00 – to be found lying about in spare change and dropped notes, and he’s got a whole new 365 days to do it in. I forecast the coming season will be tough; his haul this time was bolstered by a lucky find of £15.00 in the car park at Alton Towers. Other than this once-in-a-lifetime find his secret weapon was his frequenting of arcades; he estimates he found £5.00 strewn about in them.

The exact reason for the initial challenge has gotten a little clouded by the passage of time (we’d forgotten the point of the endeavour after about a month). We recall it’s something to do with being able to afford a year’s worth of some kind of web hosting or cloud storage, with Dave making the case that it was perfectly affordable, that one could “…easily find £3.00 each month on the floor”.

I wasn’t convinced; £36.00 seemed a lot to randomly find, even with a year to do it in, so I set him the challenge, and I won.

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