Starting a Startup: Wrestling

Spent most of morning wrestling with MySQL’s interpretation of GUIDs. I am slowed down somewhat due to their online docs being wrong. After getting some data into the database I move onto getting it back out again, which means getting to grips with some UI. The first stage of this project will feature 2 UI components which I’ve never used before; SlickGrid and jqPlot. In the last hour before lunch I fail to get SlickGrid to even display on screen. Morale tumbles.

Lunch is minestrone soup and 2 slices of brown bread. After lunch I take a methodical, step by step approach to the grid code, and soon get it working (a stupid error; improperly formatted script tags).

Spent the last part of the afternoon attempting to get the GUIDs which I had gotten into the database this morning back out again. I solve this problem shortly before giving up for the day; it’s good to finish the week with a morale boost, no matter how slight. Next week the first job is to work out how to get rows of product data into a grid on the client page, edit it, and then get it back to the server and into the database again. I’m working vertically; columns of functionality. I’ll get back to the database and object model afterwards.

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