Starting a Startup: Why Does Everything Have to Take Time

My productivity has nosedived again, I’m crawling through the features I need to implement for this first release, and with a progress meeting in Bedford on Friday I essentially have tomorrow and Thursday left, plus evenings and the weekend. The resulting tasks from one phone call from the production planner at Freshcut takes up around 30 minutes of my morning. Not the best timing.

Lunch was beans on 2 slices of brown toast.

I have a whole new separate piece of software to start; an automatic data-importer that will sit on the same server as the system and poll at set intervals, waiting for data files to be dropped into a specified folder. There’s nothing overly complex there, but it’ll take time, and time is what I do not have. My plan is to begin this tomorrow afternoon, if I seriously hit my stride I might have it done for the end of Thursday. This is unlikely.

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