Starting a Startup: Weirdly Good Vibrations

Yesterday Andy emailed me the license agreement he’s knocked together, which whilst dull is a necessary part of the legal beagles when distributing software. I must say it certainly looks the job, and it means I can tick that off the list of things that I thought I’d inevitably end up having to do. In a brief follow-up email to my reply, tapped into his BlackBerry, he confirmed that the Make-To-Stock is a fairly vital feature for our first customer, but Buffer Slack isn’t. With this in mind I halted my work on Buffer Slack, and I made a plan to get the CCR availability (facility to log maintenance hours and extra shift hours on top of a normal work pattern) features done during the morning, and spend the afternoon really cracking into the Make-To-Stock.

Weirdly, this went exactly to plan. In fact the CCR availability stuff was done by about 11.00 a.m., so I was onto the MTS object structure before lunch.

Lunch was a worryingly thick carrot and lentil soup with 2 slices of brown bread, and 2 Jaffa cakes.

The afternoon sped along with the same good vibrations the morning had brought, and I finish the day’s work quite elated. I did notice a nasty bug resurface in the capacity planning module, that I thought I’d solved last week, but I’ll return to this at a later date; I don’t want to cut my flow.

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