Starting a Startup: Subtly Fiery

A gruelling day. 99% of it was spent trying to get the load control work orders grid to correctly show a series of date pickers, so the user can edit when work orders are released to production. It works now, and I’ve learnt a few tricks that will be very useful going forward.

At around 10ish I received a phone call from Adam, to tell me that the company setup should be completed today. He and Peter are to be non-executive directors, in bureaucratic terms ‘taking a back seat’, to leave Andy and myself as the main directors of the company. He is also trying to arrange a meeting with an acquaintance of his who has a fledgling company selling food recipe management systems. I think the idea is that we might scratch each others’ backs by putting business each others’ way as we both progress. We’ll see.

One phone call from Freshcut; The accountant wanted me to talk to an engineer who was trying to fix the time and attendance system. I say ‘fix’; that word would suggest we’ve had a frame of reference between ‘working’ and ‘not working’, whereas in actuality it hasn’t even begun to ‘work’ yet. The phone call lasts 10 minutes or so, and then I’m back to RopeWeaver work.

Lunch? Rest of the subtly fiery premium tomato soup, with 2 slices of brown bread.

At 3.15 p.m., after finally getting my date pickers to work as I wanted, I spent an hour trying to fix my screen layout CSS. I’m using media queries to automagically resize the display depending on the size of the device that the user is viewing the website on, to make it PC/tablet/smartphone compatible. Previously I had knocked together some quick and dirty CSS to get me started, essentially by magpieing code from a couple of websites. On closer inspection it appears that these have been clashing horribly with one another, so I spend the closure of the working day rebuilding this from scratch, using my own nous for once.

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