Starting a Startup: Still Short of Inspiration

I hate to admit it, but a fairly pedestrian day. No anxiety attacks, no profuse sweating, just plain, old fashioned work. Can now import CSV files of product data to both create and edit products. Most of the day was spent on this.

Lunch was minestrone soup and 2 slices of brown bread. During lunch break I emailed a list of suggested company names to my 3 compadres.

Second half of the afternoon was spent on user login code. It will be needed sooner or later, so I may as well get it done while I’m still short of inspiration for the more interesting areas of the system. Cryptography isn’t exactly my strong point, so much research is required. The afternoon was punctuated with 3 phone calls from Freshcut; Accountant, GM, and Buyer. Looks like I’ll have a little work to do tomorrow before I can get back to my system. I am not happy about this.

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