Starting a Startup: Piling Up

The day started very slowly, feeling much like the panic-stricken onset of the project a couple of weeks ago. However this time, with the benefit of experience, I was sure that a little time mulling over some options with paper and pencil would yield results. Sure enough after an hour or so I had formulated a plan to manipulate my work order routings, as the products would move from production department to production department outside of my system, and thus a summary of each work order’s current status will need to be imported into the system on a regular basis. With this decided I set to work creating the database table and code object schemas, and followed that with a swift edit to my CSV file uploader. To my immense surprise my hastily drafted CSV file was imported successfully first time. All I need to do now is work out how to get it into these bastard bar charts…

The JavaScript chart plotting component jqPlot is very much virgin country for me, but I am slowly but surely making progress. My immediate plan is to get a chart of random test data displayed in an aesthetic format that I like, and then worry about how I’m actually going to get my actual data into it. By the end of the day I have managed to get the chart looking almost how I want it to look, which means tomorrow might be a very tough day indeed.

Lunch is the rest of the carrot and coriander soup, with 2 slices of brown bread. After a 30 minute lunch break I spend a further hour doing a little bit of coding for Freshcut, namely making some hacked alterations to my purchase order and stock valuation summary sheet. My Freshcut workload is piling up, at a far faster rate than my one day a week of work for them allows me to complete. This situation can only get worse as the weeks tick on.

Whilst I completely prefer working from home to anywhere else, sometimes you do yearn to urinate in a different toilet.

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