Starting a Startup: Paralysis

Had a dream last night that Stephen Hawking was cured of his paralysis, and was walking around normally chatting to folk, busy as a bee. He seemed happy. To be expected I suppose.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAH. Not good. Today I’ve been, how best is it to describe it…’erratic’? Yes, I’ve been ‘erratic’; I can’t get my head around this capacity scheduling code. The main head-scratcher is how to deal with production operations that take longer than a single day’s worth of production time. I need to be able to get the system to split this load over several days, but then you get the problem that stuff due to be produced yesterday is running late, which then impacts today’s loading, which then impacts tomorrow’s loading, and so on ad infinitum. I’m not sure how this fits in with the Drum Buffer Rope methodology, am I even going the right way about this? Am I trying to solve a problem that I shouldn’t exist? The thing is I used to work at a factory where a single work order’s batch of product could be rolling through a machine which would take 36 solid hours to finish doing what it did, which would count as a single production operation. Should RopeWeaver have the facility to schedule this sort of operation? Am I over-thinking this?

Lunch was minestrone soup and 2 slices of brown bread.

I think I’ll have to have a good study of the TOC handbook, and email Kris at Levee, as I urgently need answers to my questions. Unfortunately I know Kris is in Israel this week on a project, and won’t be in a position to check his emails, so I may be stuck until he gets back next week. I might move onto the stock monitoring stuff tomorrow, and wait until I can get confirmation of how my capacity loading logic should be working, before I tread any further into the code mire that I’ve created so far.

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