Starting a Startup: Out of Practice

This has got to have been the worst day I’ve had with this since the first. Practically did nothing all morning, as I was paralysed by not knowing how to progress from getting a list of work orders into the capacity load bar chart. Lunch was minestrone soup with 2 slices of brown bread. Earthquake in Japan.

Early afternoon I arrange a meeting for Monday, down in Bedford where the 4th business partner’s consultancy firm is. I need more information about how the logistics methodology should be functioning within my system; I know the reason why I can’t move with this is because I am simply too out of practice with the business concepts. I need advice, from someone with a passing knowledge of software engineering, so I’m going to go and talk to Kris at Levee.

Most of the afternoon is not much better than the morning; however I finally get a grip and get my shit together for 3.00 p.m. I rip out most of the work order list code I did yesterday and begin crafting it afresh, as part of the reason I’m struggling is because I had coded myself into a corner. I finish the day calmer and much happier than when it started. I do, however, seem to have caught a delightful cold from somewhere.

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