Starting a Startup: Odorous

With my meeting tomorrow and next week being the last before go-live day, I decided to spend Monday working on Freshcut Foods stuff, along with the normally allocated Tuesday. This has allowed me to make good headway through my ever-growing backlog of Freshcut to-dos, and also gives me the waiver on next week’s Tuesday Freshcut day, should I need to spend much more time on RopeWeaver during the inevitable pre-rollout slog.

In contrast to the possibilities of a heavy workload next week, today was a rather sedate affair, as I trial-and-errored (mostly errored) my way through the CSS in an attempt to get some media queries working. The eventual outcome was a design that resizes to fit the majority of screen widths that it might come across, which I’m claiming as a nice win. Admittedly it’s not so great with the smallest screen sizes, those destined for smartphones, as the text size doesn’t change as the screen shrinks, so everything looks just as massive, but crammed into a smaller space, with horrible results. I’m not claiming smartphone support for this first version, so I’m not going to continue to mess about with this right now.

Lunch was carrot and coriander soup, with 2 slices of brown bread.

I think I smell. I mean I think I literally, physically stink; sitting for long periods at my desk, heart thumping rapidly, a near constant sweat seeping into my clothes. Not noticeable enough to trouble anyone else, not that there’s anyone present, but I’m still not happy about it.

The weather is glorious, I wish I could be sat out in it, but instead I am suffering the by-product of an unseasonably warm April combined with a very well insulated house. No need to put my dressing gown on over my clothes first thing in a morning any more.

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