Starting a Startup: Morale Boost

Today went better than expected, and despite 3 phone calls from Freshcut I’ve managed to stick to the schedule I intended to follow. The morning passed rapidly, I lunched on condensed tomato soup and 2 slices of brown bread, and in the afternoon I started work on the automatic data importer. After spending many a moon on web-based systems it feels reassuringly comfortable to get back to some Winforms programming, and I very soon have a rather neat looking 1-screen application running in front of me. It doesn’t do anything of use yet though.

Later in the afternoon I receive a welcome phone call from long-time friend Professor Roy Stratton, a Nottingham Trent University lecturer and my mentor in Theory of Constraints. We haven’t spoken since January, and he was phoning to enquire how the new company was going. I eagerly brought him up to date with all the news, and we agreed to meet up at some point in the coming weeks to catch up further.

With my morale slightly lifted, I finish the afternoon session in high spirits.

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