Starting a Startup: Entrenched

Woke up feeling ghastly, and this feeling continued throughout the rest of the day. The knowledge that I will struggle to make next week’s deadline fills me with dread and depression, and I find myself trudging through my code as if it were a trench in the Somme.

James phoned me just before lunch (parsnip soup, 2 slices brown bread) and we talked at length about what was required of me this week in terms of functionality, to alter what I had already done to match what they actually wanted, but had neglected to tell me before when I was in a position to better do something about it.

Overall I get very little of worth done today. Won’t be at Freshcut tomorrow; can’t spare the time. I better put some time in this evening too. I don’t believe I can make the deadline, but I’m going to give it my best damned shot.

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