Starting a Startup: Deadlines and Concessions

Put 3 hours in last night, I just had to. The appearance of our second prospective customer effectively brings the first deadline forward to a fortnight from now, as I’ll need at least a week more for bug fixing and additional testing time to ensure this is fit for wider re-purposing. Today started quite slow, as I flapped about as usual, unsure of where to start. I soon got into gear, and I made some solid progress, curing many of the problems I’d left hanging at the end of yesterday’s slog. I am irritated that I have to make a big concession in support of Minimum Viable Product; updating the capacity load chart. I envisaged that this would be handled via AJAX, so that when the user updates production schedule dates in the work order grid the chart sitting below it would automatically update to reflect these changes. Whilst this is still my ultimate aim, it is simply too difficult to get to work in the time I have available. A simple postback model for this first version it is. But I’m far from happy about it.

Lunch is spring vegetable soup and 2 slices of brown bread. The spring vegetable isn’t as nice as the minestrone, plus it has about another 2 calories per tin. For shame.

I begun the afternoon session on Pivotal Tracker; the web application I use for my project planning and organisation. Or at least I am now; I’ve been meaning to get my product backlog formalised on this system for the last 3 weeks, with scraps of paper building up on my desk with descriptions of features to add and bugs to fix, and my whiteboard is much the same. Now, my desk is clear(er), and my white board is back to a blank canvas, as all the project requirements are now in Pivotal. This process hasn’t advanced me any further through the tasks at hand, but it will pay dividends later.

The second half of the afternoon I continue to wrestle with the capacity load chart. Whilst jqPlot is very good, I am going to be forced to hack some extra features onto it later. But not now.

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