Starting a Startup: Brain Hurts

An unremarkable yet productive day, as I begin to cut my way through the gubbins behind the automatic data importer. After some effort I successfully got it to import the CSV data it finds in any correctly named text files in the source data folder. Now I just need to add a timing scheduler to it so the user can specify when they want the thing to trigger itself. With a good mornings’ work completed, I ate lunch with some satisfaction (rest of condensed tomato soup and 2 slices brown bread).

The afternoon was spent busting out some serious cryptography, for encrypting database passwords. Now my brain hurts. I’ve got my next progress meeting tomorrow morning at 10.00 a.m., and I’ve achieved more than I thought I’d achieve, given the timescales involved. Let’s just hope everyone else is as happy with what I’ve done as I am, or I’ve got a horrible weekend ahead of me.

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