Starting a Startup: Bad Sandwich

Meeting at Levee in Bedford this morning went well; Andy, James and Kris liked the changes I have made, but a few more additional features were added to my list. The target is to get these finished for the end of next week, and then following some setup time we look to get the thing rolled out during the first week in May.

One wrinkle; seeing as I most of the IT knowledge, and Levee have never rolled out a system of this scale before, it is required that I purchase and setup the PC to be used to host the system, for which I will then invoice Levee. Essentially this boils down to more work. I knew this was coming anyway; I am the sole architect and constructor of this system, thus I am the only one who knows what it needs.

I don’t like provisioning servers though; if it was purely for my purposes then if I miscalculate the spec then I am the only one to suffer, and I can blame only myself. In this scenario I have to take an educated guess as to the performance requirements of the PC, and hope I’m not wrong, otherwise the customer will come-a-complaining when the system grinds to a halt within 6 months. And then the only recommendation I can make is “The server you just bought isn’t man-enough for the job, you’ll need to buy a new one”. And I’m sure that would go down like a shit sandwich.

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