Starting a Startup: Back to Pen and Paper

Did not start well today. First hour spent getting the Slickgrid to get product data from the server and display it, then I was stumped; what next? I then spent a while panicking and convincing myself that I was doomed to fail, that I’d never make the deadline. By 10.00 a.m. I had calmed down and got myself focussed; back to pen and paper for more data object design, I’d stepped into UI resource tests too soon. I’m finding it very difficult to focus, which in my experience is usually down to not having a well defined plan of action and series of steps. In fact I don’t have any plan of action, so no wonder I can’t focus, I have nothing on which to focus. I return to concentrating on getting CSV data files imported into the system, as this feature forces me to construct my object model and database more comprehensibly.

Lunch was a hard boiled egg sandwich on brown bread.

All afternoon spent on designing the CSV field format and coding the import code. Finished the day with what I hope will be the ability to import a list of products and operations. Haven’t had time to test this, so will have to wait till Wednesday, as I’m at Freshcut Foods tomorrow to do what I know will be my standard single weekly visit, as opposed to the 2 days that was originally suggested.

I might spend some time this evening trying to come up with a long list of ideas for the company name.

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