Starting a Startup: All About Work Patterns

Today is all about work patterns, and hopefully some work order stuff; that’s where stuff really starts to get a bit grittier, because the next step following the importing of work orders is to actually produce some of what a regular Joe would call “functionality”, as in stuff that can be seen and clicked on. But work patterns first.

Freshcut Foods’ accountant is doing her year end processing, and I field three phone calls from her as she pulls her hair out in response to Sage taking ages to do whatever it does when you choose to process a year end (when I say “taking ages”: I’m talking sometimes >2 hours). Each year this causes mayhem, as no one can log into Sage to add sales and purchase orders, and none of the other systems can access the data that’s already in there. Specifically this means the planners can’t plan the weekend’s production, so the accountant is getting some abuse from people. Eventually I advise her to stop the thing, as we suspect it’s crashed anyway (a rather static status bar with no progress after an hour). I’ll remote onto Freshcut’s server tomorrow night to run the year end, while the planners are sleeping. That seems to calm her, and I get back to my code. I just want a quiet life, and to be left alone while I work on this.

Lunch is minestrone soup (a different brand to previously, I prefer this one, though slightly more calories, not many more though) and 2 slices of brown bread.

The afternoon is a bitter slog; me versus my understanding of .Net 4 Viewstate in a war of attrition. Viewstate wins. By close of play I finish coding the facility to apply a work pattern to a CCR, using dropdownlists in my repeater. No work order CSV importing today.

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