Starting a Startup: A Triumphant Minestrone

Another rather productive day, which has me worried as I’m not sure I’ve ever had any development project have 2 consecutive good days of high productivity. Make-To-Stock monitoring is pretty much in the bag, along with the capacity load control, which is the bulk of this first version’s requirements. I even managed to get the load control jqPlot chart to resize itself when the browser viewport size changes, which is yet another massive gain, and something that’s been a monkey on my back since I got the chart working.

Lunch is a triumphant minestrone soup with 2 slices of brown bread.

So pleased was I with the work done that I emailed Andy and Kris with a progress update, and attached a screenshot of the load control screen, with a handful of test work orders with their production schedule dates in the grid, above the stacked bar chart showing the load on the work centre. I finish the day in high spirits.

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