DIY Homemade Mobile Phone Stands

No one likes waste, so I built shit mobile phone stands from old CD and audio cassette cases

A few Saturday evenings ago, following what (for me) was a rather decent run, I was struck by an unstoppable wave of motivation and energy – no doubt a result of the aerobic-triggered endorphins cursing through my system. In a fit of activity I began to tidy my spare room, as its status as “household dumping ground” was overdue for a remedy. Under a pile of bubble wrap I discovered a stack of old CD jewel cases.

Rather than leave them sat in this room I deemed their obvious new home to be the large plastic bag where I store the other 100 or so empty CD cases that I have somehow accumulated over the years. As I carefully began to wedge them into the groaning sack an idea struck me – a particularly crap idea. With a little reconfiguration the CD case became a rather ghetto-looking prop for my Nexus 4; all that was required was a reversal of the cover on its hinge, and a 180 degree rotation of the CD spindle section (which does require a bit of negotiation to get it to click back into place, but it’s necessary to provide a recess for the base of the phone to sit in). This was Homemade Mobile Phone Stand Version 2.0.

My first attempt at a DIY phone stand, the terrible Version 1.0, had come and gone several months before when I had attempted to repurpose a dozen-or-so business cards into an origami-and-staple-based cradle. Despite great efforts the resulting item was inadequate, and ultimately found a new home in the bin. No photographs were taken – it was an abject failure – and no more shall be spoken about it.

A few weeks have passed, and I am now on Homemade Mobile Phone Stand Version 3.0. Following further clearing-out, this time in my attic, I found a plastic bag of old audio cassette tapes. Apart from three mixtapes (kept for posterity) they were all thrown away, save for the cases, for it turns out that an audio cassette case makes a great DIY phone stand, with none of the manual tweaking required as for the CD version. Due to the variances amongst different sorts of cassette case your mileage may vary, but I will go on the record to say that I am officially chuffed-to-bits with the result. By simply opening a cassette case as far as it will go I have a new mobile phone stand, suitable for both profile and landscape positioning.

The CD case and audio cassette case mobile phone stands

CDs may have had the edge on sound quality, storage capacity and general robustness, but I think cassettes win when it comes to cases.