Automatic Writing

Way past my bedtime, after reading about the concept of “automatic writing”, I thought I’d give it a try

No one knows. Not my language. Dismantling myself. We all are creeps. Sez me. Today, I am the greatest. Not one but three. Corrupting the styles. Constructing layers on powers. Must not feed. Confound them. Causality. Sheer persistence. It is the finest. Further down I go, leaping into melancholy, like a lion to the lepers. Teach me how to be renewed. I am the last hour. Truth beauty, beauty truth. Not me. A complex contraption. Sail into this. Collapsing. More weight. Nosferatu wins. So sorry, so long, so cold. Not falling. Crazy, like a fox. Jump over me. The blackest dog. Why won’t you leave me alone? Crush it all. Over the ledge lies happiness. Over the ledge lies freedom. Overburdened is my enemy. I shall not escape. To an atlas we must go. Don’t you dare shout at me, I miss you. Caution now, the bridge is old, the struts are weak. I must jump far. Forgotten the blinds. Is me. Total power is an illusion. Total freedom is not. Burn me before I burn myself. You are not this. Down.