18 Random Resources for Entrepreneurs

Be you startup founder, small-businessperson or just general entrepreneur, I have links for you

As an habitual magpie I’ve learnt to scrapbook with the best of them. During repeated attempts to create the tech world’s “next big thing” I’ve committed huge swathes of time to research, and as a result I’ve managed to amass quite the collection of URL bookmarks to resources scattered across the seven internets.

During a recent bout of digital spring-cleaning I’ve managed to declutter, collate and organise these various lists, and it turns out I’ve got quite a repository of entrepreneurial guidance, relevant to startups, small businesses, one-man-bands, or people just needing a brain spark when trying to get a web or mobile application off the ground.

Perfectly aware that I’m asking for a hellish future of constantly having to update this article to remove dead hyperlinks – here’s an obvious-link-bait list of a curated handful of the hundreds upon hundreds of pages I’d favourited over the years. Hopefully there’s something in here for everyone: